Them People's Story

          Them People Productions is a cultural arts organization spearheaded by husband and wife team Nate Cameron, Jr. and Krystle Sims-Cameron. Native New Orleanians, the two moved their family to The Bay Area in 2015 after several years of living in the midwest.

          Together, Krystle and Nate have had a hand in developing multiple successful events with the objective of bringing Black, Latinx, LGBTQ+, and other marginalized groups together for fun and fellowship in order to strengthen communities. From Liberation Lounge in Algiers, LA to Bitches Brew in Cincinnati, OH, these two performing artists have found deeper purpose in using their art to inform and uplift their people. Events such as Diaspora Diner, The Black Women's Bazaar, & Black Coffee Sunday are their latest contributions to promoting #BlackJoy as an act of revolution and a source of healing.